Group Members

Name Title Room Phone E-mail
Per Carlson Professor Emeritus A5:1021 08-55378178 carlson at
Christer Fuglesang Adjungerad Professor A5:3015   cfug at
Miranda Jackson Assistant Professor (bitr. lektor) A5:1011 08-55378187 miranda at
Jelena Jovicevic Ph.D. student, Tekn. lic. A5:3001 08-55378191 jelena at
Mózsi Kiss Researcher A5:1011 08-55378180 mozsi at
Merlin Kole Ph.D. student, Tekn. lic. A5:1014 08-55378186 merlin at
Emma Kuwertz Ph.D. student, Tekn. lic. A5:3001 08-55378191 kuwertz at
Josefin Larsson Researcher A5:1011 08-55378046 joslar at
Oscar Larsson Ph.D. student A5:1011 08-55378180 oscarlar at
Thomas Lindblad Professor Emeritus A5:1021 08-55378178 lindblad at
Bengt Lund-Jensen Professor / Head of Group A5:1017 08-55378179 lund at
Christoffer Lundman Ph.D. student, Tekn. lic. A5:3001 08-55378217 clundman at
Elena Moretti Postdoc (OKC) A5:3009 08-55378185 moretti at
Tanja Nymark Postdoc (VR) A5:3009 08-55378185 tanja at
Mark Pearce Professor / Head of Physics Department (prefekt) A5:1009 08-55378183 pearce at
Felix Ryde Associate professor (lektor) A5:3023 08-55378545 felix at
Stefan Rydström Engineer A5:3006 08-55378189 stefan at
Jonas Strandberg Assistant Professor (bitr. lektor)     jonas.strandberg at
Recent departures
William Gillard (post doc;, now at LPSC, Grenoble)
Karl-Johan Grahn (PhD student; now postdoc at DESY)
Sinead McGlynn (post doc; now at Excellence Cluster Universe, Garching)
Cecilia Marini Bettolo (PhD student; now at FDA, Washington D.C.)
Tomi Ylinen (PhD student; now at consultancy company in Stockholm)


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