Thomas Lindblad
Professor Emeritus  

Particle and Astroparticle Physics Group
Department of Physics,
AlbaNova University Center

S-10691 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Office: A5:1003

Tel: [+46]-(0)8-55378184
E-mail: lindblad .at. particle.kth.se





Research interests




 A list of some recent papers



  A list with some old (before 1992) papers








Space physics and instrumentations for space.





 Image processing (PCNN), novelty and change detection





  The new CogniMem chip is a system very much like "the old ZISC", i.e. a RBF-type of neural network. It has

a learning algorithm similar to those of Region of Influence and RCE and is easy to use.

It has a constant recognition time of 10 microseconds regardless the number of neurons.

The set-up shown here has a simple camera and the whole system is very much like the

previously RBF-ZISC Star Tracker and eye recognition system



What I used to teach

(Undergraduate) ...



SH1005 (5A1234) Electromagnetism and Light (3 hp)

SH1008 (5A1363) Environmental Physics and Chemistry (9 hp)

SH2700 (5A1419) Physics Simulation with JAVA

SH2771 Spacecraft Dynamics

SH2005 Projektarbete i Fysik (15 hp)

SH2006 Projektarbete i Fysik (30 hp)


...and teaching


5A5448 Physics Simulation with JAVA
5A5438 Wavelets (5-8 p)
5A5443 VHDL for Physicists (4 p)
5A5439 Neural Networks (5 p)

5A5802 Techniques for Data Analysis (5-8 p)

5A5803 Statistical Treatment of Experimental Data (5-8 p)

5A5804 Measuring Techniques and Information Processing in Physics Experiments (5-8 p)


Also iploma Work

Description of available diploma works.

Recent (2003 and later) diploma works:


Effects on Suborbital Spaceflight (I): A Study on radiation effects on SS2 – Flying through the Aurora, Katarina Axelsson

Effects on Suborbital Spaceflight (II): A Study on Spacecraft Charging, Göran Ödmark

Signal Filtering, Nazar Dino mohammed

Smart Sensors, Markus Tengvall

Wavelet Transforms, Ragnar Magnusson

The EyeBot Computer System, (In Swedish), Fredrik Andersson

Implementation of Wavelet Transforms in FPGA, Software Considerations by Shaoqi Luo

Implementation of Wavelet Transforms in FPGA, Hardware Considerations by Lovisa Gibson

Flight System Implementation in a UAV, Johan Puscov

Power Supply System for a UAV, R. Said and H. Chayeb

Microcontroller System for a UAV, A. Skafidas

Radiation Surveillance by an Unmanned Arial Vehichle, Hosseyn Karimi garari and Daryoush Mansouri

Antenner för nanosatelliten Viktoria, S. Mohammed and S.H. Saremi

The Viktoria Satellite, B. Bahrami-Hessari and D. Foo-Wooi Yap

Orbital and Attitude Perturbation on a Small Satellite, P. Eriksson

Sun Sensor/Magnetometer, Tests & Experiments, S. Hossain and J. Ölund

Change and Novelty Detection, M. Nyström

ZISC78 - Hårdvaruimplementering av Neurala Nätverk. En jämförelse, D. Berggren and A. Erlandsson

Implementering av RBF i VHDL, Sejad Kurjakovic and A. Svennberg

Benchmarking and Feasability Study of the aJ100TM Java Processor in Real-Time Image Processing Application,

Image Signatures from PCNN using Computers, Jenny Atmer

Using Wavelet Transforms for Image and Signal Processing,  Ann-Christin Holmstöm  & Lena Bagger

The Minimum Risk Angle or Intersected Cortical Model Signatures as Feature Patterns for Automatic Target Recognition, N. Zetterlund

Digital Image Search based on Mammalian Vision, Lars Edvardsson and Martine Gudmundsson



My last three graduate students


Jose Chilo


Elena at CERN

Abbas Jabor
Change and Novelty Detection

Licentiate presentation took place 2007-06-05

Jose Chilo
(top left)

Licentiate presentation took place 2006-05-31
Defended his Ph.D. thesis on the 31st of Mars 2008, (short description)

Elena Wildner (below left)

Licentiate presentation took place 2006-04-19
Elena defended her thesis on the 14th of May 2008, (short description, "spikblad" )





Conference in Stockholm

J. Chilo, A. Jabor, L. Liszka, A. J. Eide, Th. Lindblad

“Obtaining Images from Iron Objects using a 3-dimensional Flux-Gate Magnetometer”

International Conference on Imaging Techniques, http://lepton.particle.kth.se/imaging2006/

Stockholm, Sweden, 27-30 June, 2006



Conference in Beijing:

J. Chilo, A. Jabor, L. Liszka, A. J. Eide, Th. Lindblad, L. Persson

“Infrasonic and Seismic Signals from Earthquake and Explosions in Arequipa, Perú, to be presented at:

Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, http://www.agu.org/meetings/wp06/

24-27 July 2006, Beijing, China

Session: Advances in Signal Processing Methods for Seismic Data Analysis




Travelling & Visits, coming eventsJava Authors

 Seminar ORNL



Thomas Lindblad and Clark S. Lindsey (left) visited Johnny Trolliver (middle) and gave a seminar at ORNL, USA

Thomas also visited Andrea Schluter at FU-Berlin, Germany. [Btw Ardreas is now (Oct 2008) ready with his Masters Thesis at his University. ]

José Chilo visited prof. Jason Kinser at GMU, USA


 Lanzhou Visitors


Prof. Åge Eide from HIOF in Halden visited us several times .


Long distance vistitors to us at KTH were prof. Ma Yide and his student Mr. Kun Zhan (lower left) from Lanzhou University. They visitid us to talk about PCNN and signal/image processing.