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 Kerima and I now live in the US. However, I still collaborate with Prof. Lindblad
on projects such as our on line Java course, a book on Java for physicists,
small satellite design, and more.

Thanks for visiting me here in Stockholm, Sweden, known as the birthplace of ABBA. I'm working at the Royal Institute of Technology, commonly referred to as KTH from its Swedish name: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (the king would have me beheaded if I called it RIT). In particular, I'm with the Particle Physics and Instrumentation Group, which is part of the KTH Physics Department, although physically we are located in the Manne Siegbahn Huset, near the Univ. of Stockholm, Frescati campus. I'm a visiting scientist with Thomas Lindblad and his Instrumentation sub-group where we work on projects like neural networks, nuclear fuel imaging, and a nano-satellite. I'm originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the University of Tennessee and near the beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park
      My wife is Kerima who is from Ethiopia. She is doing research at the famous Karolinska Institute

Current weather in Stockholm

Here are some pictures from beautiful Ethiopia taken on our recent trip.

Blue Nile Falls near Lake Tana

A wedding on the grounds of Emperor Fasilades Palace in Gondor.

Stellae from the Axumite Empire in Axum.

St.Gregory in Lalibela.
One of 11 churches, each carved in a single piece from solid rock in 1200's.

A crater lake near Addis Ababa.

Explorers in Lalibela

Trail horse at crater lake near Addis Ababa
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Hardware Neural Networks
Based on a lecture given at Chalmers University in Göteborg
March 6, 1998
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Tired of all that cyberspace cruising? Take a break by the pool or in the country.

Or ride a rocket (original K-1 Design) : 
Or ride a skycar

Maybe you just want to horse around like I do occasionally

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